An Experience That Will Keep Your Customers Re-Ordering

Enable your customers to add any item to a future Autoship order without changing your store’s products or checkout process.

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Add Any Item to the Cart

One-time purchases and Auto-Ship items in the same cart & checkout.

Payflow Pro Auto-Ship Integration
Auto-Ship for Paypal Express Checkout
Custom Product Page Options for Woo Autoship
Auto-Ship for Braintree Payments

Integrations & Add-Ons

Plugins to integrate web services and add-ons to customize default Autoship settings.
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Support for Saved Payments and Compatible WooCommerce Gateways

Learn how Autoship supports WC Payment Tokens, the free WC Stripe plugin and more on our help desk.

Autoship Payment Gateways


These 3 Big Differences Will Help You Choose the Right Fit for Your Store

Feature Subscriptions Autoship Difference
Ease of Setup Must create subscription products and plans to offer recurring orders. Immediately enable recurring order option on any simple or variable product. Autoship is simple to enable without changing your existing products. 
Order Management Customer manages subscription plans by upgrading/downgrading or cancelling them. Customer manages items within upcoming orders that contain products selected for Autoship. If managing items in recurring order(s) is your focus, Autoship is a straightforward customer and admin experience.  If managing plans is what you offer, a subscription is a closer fit.
Customer Order View Customers may suspend/resume subscription plans and may only remove items from existing plans. Customers can suspend/resume orders, add/remove any simple/variable product from an existing Autoship order. Because Autoship can be enabled for any simple or variable product, these products are also available for the customer to add to existing Auto-Ship orders too.
Subscription plans don’t allow other products to be added to existing plans.