WC Autoship

Future orders from your best customers.
Easy automation for your customers.
Recurring orders and helpful admin tools & reports for your store.

WooCommerce Version 3.0

Supports WooCommerce 3.0

WC Autoship version 4 supports the latest features of WooCommerce 3.0 like tokenized payments, shipping zones and My Account tabs.

Upgrading from Autoship 3? See our update guide here.

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Add Any Item to the Cart: Normal Checkout

Enable your customers to add any product to the cart, whether on autoship or not, and complete a normal checkout process. One-time purchases are completed and any items selected for Autoship are immediately added to their next upcoming order.

Customers Can Manage Upcoming Orders in My Account

Once a customer has completed a checkout with items on Autoship, they can immediately manage their upcoming orders securely in the My Account page.

Supports Simple and Variable Products

All of your store’s products can be added to Autoship: even variable products. If you have products available in different variants, they are displayed individually in the Autoship Schedules Tab to your customers within My Account. Autoship options can now be set per-product. Decide which products customers can autoship, how many schedules each product displays and even set a separate Autoship price to incentive your customers.

Top Features of WC Autoship

See the features that make WC Autoship a complete solution for WooCommerce.

Autoship Reports & Customer Management

Fully manage your Autoship customers with reports and customer support workflows. Site Admins can view/search/export reports on Autoship Orders, Schedules, Items, Customers and more to better manage Autoship customer and item data. Simply click on a customer within any Autoship report to access their Autoship orders within ‘My Account’ as a customer support workflow.

Autoship Reports - View Autoship Schedules as Customer

View & Manage Autoship Schedules for your Customers

Autoship Reports - Use Bulk Actions and Update Autoship Schedules

Export, Edit & Bulk Update Using Autoship Reports

Easy to Enable on Your WooCommerce Store

Your WooCommerce store’s Products, Customers, Shipping Options, Taxes and Checkout are all tightly ingetrated with WC Autoship. After activating the Autoship plugin, Autoship options can be enabled and displayed on any simple or variable product.

Autoship Options - WooCommerce Product Page

Autoship Options Displayed On WooCommerce Product Page

Autoship Options - WooCommerce My Account Page

Customers can manage Autoship Schedules quickly & securely in My Account.

Supports & Extends WooCommerce Coupons

Coupons are a great way to incentive both regular and future Autoship orders with discounts and free shipping. Autoship extends WooCommerce coupons with settings that enable stores to control if and how coupons apply to future Autoship orders.

Coupon for Free Shipping with Autoship

Apply Coupons to Orders with Autoship Products

WP-Admin Creating a Coupon for Free Shipping with Autoship

Manage Autoship Settings for Coupons

Supports WooCommerce Tokenized Payments

WC Autoship allows store owners to install and use multiple WooCommerce tokenized payment methods. This enables customers to securely store and select many payment methods for use on Autoship Schedules and WooCommerce checkout.

Multiple Payment Options at WooCommerce Checkout

Supports Multiple Saved Payment Methods

Multiple Saved Payment Methods with Autoship

Select Payment Methods for Autoship Schedules

Override Templates for Customization

Override any of the WC Autoship template files to implement your own design and behaviors.

Default Autoship Options on Basic WooCommerce Product Page

Default: Autoship Frequency Options Displayed As Dropdown List

WooCommerce Product Page - Version 3

Overrides: Filter + Rename Frequencies and Display as Radio Select