October News: Fall/Winter Plans for Auto-Ship

Take a peek at what’s in store for upcoming version updates to WC Auto-Ship.


Auto-Ship Plugin Development Roadmap


Scheduled for next version update (early October)

Event logging. Events and actions useful for developers to extend into integrations and automatic event handling. We’re planning a nice visual to demonstrate what’s possible with the extended database.


Planned for a version update within 1 month

Descriptive event activity logging. We’ll further develop the “Autoship Activity” dashboard widget to be more descriptive. For example, instead of “User 1 changed Auto-Ship status to 1” -> “Jane Smith resumed her Auto-Ship Schedule”.

Order meta fields added to WooCommerce orders created by WC Auto-Ship


Planned for a future version update within 1-2 months

Calendar Interface for Auto-Ship Schedules. This new UI element will display past and future Auto-Ship orders on a visual calendar.


Notes regarding plugin updates:

We try to schedule updates 1-2 times per month. This allows us enough time to add small features and updates often (every month) while testing and adding larger features regularly (every other month).

Occasionally, we need to release an update that corresponds with an update to WooCommerce or payment gateway integration. These types of updates are labeled as “critical” and are accompanied by an email that instructs customers why the “critical” update has been released.


We Test and So Should You

Please test all updates to plugins including WooCommerce, WC Auto-Ship and other plugins that integrate or extend these plugins. This also includes updates to your WordPress version and Theme files.

We strongly recommend using a staging (test) site to test updates and also backing up your entire site and database before publishing final updates and changes to your live website and WooCommerce store.


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