WC Autoship PayPal Payments

Reference Transactions Must Be Enabled

You must have a PayPal Business Account with Reference Transactions enabled in order to use PayPal Express Checkout with WC Autoship.

Required PayPal Account Settings

PayPal Express Checkout

Add PayPal as a payment option to WC Autoship and WooCommerce checkout with Express Checkout and turn more shoppers into buyers.

Increase Conversions

Over 148 million online shoppers pay with PayPal and transact nearly twice as often as non-PayPal customers

Faster, Easier Checkout

Customers can apply billing and shipping information already saved in their PayPal account during the checkout process.

Accepted All Over the World

PayPal is available in 203 markets and 26 currencies. Spend and receive safely over borders and language barriers. See the complete list of supported countries.

PayPal Partner

Patterns In the Cloud is an official PayPal® Partner. Get a better rate for your transactions and direct support from PayPal to help get your account setup properly for WC Autoship!

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PayPal Express Checkout Features

Simple checkout integration with WooCommerce that works with regular checkout and integrates seamlessly with WC Autoship.

Use As A Single Payment Gateway

PayPal Express checkout integration can be used in place of the WooCommerce PayPal Standard gateway which does not fully support tokenized payments at this time.

Billing Agreements Are Saved At Checkout

When your customers use PayPal to checkout, their PayPal account is automatically saved as the payment method for future Autoship orders.